Shiatsu Session

What is a shiatsu session like?

The session takes place on a comfortable futon on the floor.

Apart from pressure-, special stretching-, and rotation techniques, there occasionally is made use of Moxa, Ginger compresses, and Cupping glasses techniques. (In agreement with the client)



The term moxibustion refers to the warmth-treatment of specific acupuncture points using mugwort. In China, for the corresponding indications, moxibustion is regarded as a therapy equal to that of acupuncture.

Ginger compresses


Cupping glasses techniques


Cupping involves creating vacuums with suction cups on the target areas of the body.


The duration of a Shiatsu session is 50 minutes.

What do you need to take with you to a Shiatsu session?

comfortable cotton clothes (+ time to get changed)