about me

three years of studies at the Hara Shiatsu School Tomas Nelissen

certified with a Diploma as Shiatsu Practitioner
graduated with a thesis about sleep disturbances

Diploma "Qualified Practitioner" awarded to me by Österreichischer Dachverband für Shiatsu

Qualified Practitioner des Österreichischen Dachverbandes für Shiatsu

additional qualifications:

  • Practical Training at the Rehabilitation Ward, Hospital Mistelbach
  • Practical Training Gynaecology ( cyts, PMS problems, wish of childbearing)
  • Iris diagnostic, Dr Leeb
  • further education with Jie Wei Ji diagnostics
  • further education with Jie Wei Ji cupping techniques
  • further education with Dr Ingrid Rapatz and Ricarda Dorfmeister - treatment techniques and strategies against burnout
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy 2023/2024

Hara Shiatsu

Hara Shiatsu is the original, traditional and holistic Shiatsu teaching, which Nelissen gained in many years of intense study in Japan from his teacher Shizuto Masunaga as one of the first West European and took to Europe.

In contrast to the current shiatsu wellness trends and the mixture of different shiatsu styles, which limit the original ways of Shiatsu and do not take into consideration its possibilities, original Hara Shiatsu enables to explore the complete depth of holistic doctrines and body work.

Due to my passion and respect for the work with people I am fond of keeping my knowledge and practical experience as a shiatsu practitioner constantly up to date.


Silke Tauchen